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m o i s t pond lillies
in memory of an amazing inside joke post about butts

throw that ass in a circle kids

boggi belongs to me
drekkubus species belongs to rai archambault
Boggi the Drekkubus
Meet Boggi. Shes a young adult drekkie whos a bit of a trickster and quite smug. She can be a bit introverted, she knows how to socialize, but prefers not to unless you interest her. Once u get to know her, and she gets to know you, you will automatically be her precious cinnamon bun and you will meet the funnest lil demon ever...shes super sweet and thoughtful i swear! She lives in Southmarsh, in a hollowed tree, where she specializes under the title of "witch doctor" doing alchemy and herbology making many sorts of original potions. She also runs a pet shop, and she has an amazing knack at taming and charming wild creatures. Her dearest friend and pet is Bunkis the bog goblin, a rare creature she was able to find in a land far away. He is a spunky lil critter who will always be by boggis side to protect her and her shop. One way he does this is by sliming the intruders stuck to the floor. Beware and be wise not to get on boggis bad side by the way, or she will generously offer you a potion with unexpected side effects (example: says it will help you become more motivated, GIVES YOU A TWITCHY LEG FOR 5 HOURS). She loves fantasy books, adventure, plushies, deep conversations (she loves to talk about deep things, compromise, and turn even the most serious conversations to episodes of satire and giggles XD, and if you cant argue the opposing position in 5 minutes she will jokingly call you a hypocrite), her close friends and helping them when in need, spooky things, frogs, M&m's with nuts...she secretly loves being the center of attention (but is too modest to ask for it or act rude, so she can seem shy and reserved at 1st). She dislikes being interrupted, ignored, used, abandoned, despises messes and slobs alike, having her candy stolen and CAPRI PANTS AND PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES (heheh i added that as a joke x3 my friend loves those latte things >.>). Her hobbies include tending to her pets, and arts like drawing and sewing, and seeing her close friends when she gets the chance (most of them live far away due to her having to move down to southmarsh to build herself a future :( ). She is also nicknamed the "frog witch" due to her scary friendship pact with all of the frogs of the swamp...some say, there will be so many frogs around her its practically "raining frogs!" (wordplay), the frogs and boggi have a common mutual respect and will protect one another, its odd and mysterious and boggy enjoys her swamp friends company wholeheartedly. If you get on boggis good side, the frogs will be too. Her mask is decorated with leaves, a swamp lotus (for good luck) and painted to symbolize her frog friends.

Some of the inspiration in her design comes from the idea of a hoppy froggy bunny cat thing, some colors and design ideas were inspired by cute frogs, politoad from pokemon, and tsu chan from my hero academia!

Character belongs to me SHIROHO


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