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New angel dragon ref! by SHIROHO
New angel dragon ref!
drawn by :iconaurelynne:

i will soon draw my own ref of him and reveal his name, i just wanted to show him off to the world because his artist is so amazing <3
againthankyousomuchimtooluckytohavewonhim <3
Blaire-ref-sheet by SHIROHO
BEWARE this angel dragon includes high doses of diabetes!
My new ad dragon fursona <3 i love it so much ;w;
i cant wait to have a suit of this one day and flutter around with my ad brethren x3

her horns are almost translucent and are like lil ruby crystals.
she also takes long derpy strides when she walks or casually hops around like a bird.

angel dragons are a creation made by :iconino89777: 
they are not my original creation and all have to be aproved by her on the facebook fanpage "Telephone/angel dragon fanpage"

also, this one is my original design so i appreciate anyone who wants to draw fanart to ask 1st and that u do not copy for your own design ;m; thank you. really apreciate!
:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz:
:iconsparklesplz: BIO TIME :iconsparklesplz:
:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz:

Blaire the Angel Dragon

Height: 5’4’’

Personality: She can sometimes be…a bit cold shouldered towards strangers? But usually tries her best to open up to people as much as she could! And once she and you get to know each other, the bond of friendship is practically inseparable! She’s ditsy, childhearted, brave, and highly curious and ready for any adventure, though, often she finds herself doing foolish things without thinking. She chirps, murrs; and sometimes when startled, clucks! When she doesn’t like something, she does a sound similar to an angry possum visiting the vets… its quite unpleasant, though it takes a lot to get her feathers ruffled. On two’s, she waddles and hops like a small sparrow, though she’s far more agile when sprinting on all fours, pushing off the ground with her strong arms. Though strong and seemingly rough, she can be very gentle, kind, almost motherly.

body info: her wings are not big enough for actual flight (note this is an anthro form so it is not an accurate discription of that). the most she can do is hover along the ground for speed, help with jumping, and for wall climbing. she wishes she had big wings, and often dreams of flying, but shes optimistic about her position and tries hard with what shes got.

Where she lives: She lives in the abandoned ruins of a castle in a sunny grassy field surrounded by a fence of forest.

Hobbies: Drawing in the abandoned art room, borrowing an old knight’s helmet, a few armor plates, and a trusty sword to fend off monsters from innocent woodland creatures and angel dragons alike. She also enjoys a good head butting contest or two, and eating her favorite or entirely brand new foods she’s never had before. Then again, shes a walking garbage can! Every food is her favorite!

Likes: Adventure, meeting new dragons/creatures/people/ect., being strong for others when no one can be, games, role playing, food and lots of it, art, and a mysterious yet wondrous creation brought from a land far far away, “anime”.

Dislikes: Being alone, judgment, showing weakness in emotions, letting people down, including breaking promises, scary things in the water, and spicy things.
Toma Risen Through the Flames by SHIROHO
Toma Risen Through the Flames
sorry ive been dead for so long! artists laziness strikes again xD
enjoy the teamwork pic :3 it was me n mostly boyfriends amazing idea and it just looks fantastic 
Leonpie by SHIROHO
Im a friggin disgrace -facepalm- 
im gone for forever and this is what i finally post.
well i guess this counts as my 1st ever fanart for pewds? i hope he sees it.
my friends probably going to hate me for this. :) 

Leon belongs to Shinji Mikami's Resident evil (c)
Pewdiepie belongs to Marzia (c)



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United States
A few things I can probably start off by saying is my introduction , my name is Sara and I’m 17. I am Polish and born in America. My hobbies are drawing of all sorts , fur suiting (as well as being a furry) , my fursona is a black and white wolf with red goggle who is named SHIROHO; shiro for short (shiroho means white-fire in japanese) , and animating. I don’t always have time to do this , but when I do , I set my goals to amaze mode. My characters are usually either animals , or humans with animal like characteristics , and of course in the Japanese anime style. I plan on having a career as an animator and manga artist , and currently now Im working on a nuzlocke (pokemon gameplay comic) . In the future I do plan on making other comics once Im done with school , and hopefully get noticed for my works and also get higher in life. I mainly do animal characters because as I was little , animals seemed to amaze me more than humans , especially in cartoons such as pokemon , or movies like “all dogs go to heaven” and “spirit: stallion of the Cimarron ” , but don’t get me wrong , humans are just as interesting to me as well (I just like to spice things up with a pair of rabbit ears). As for the whole Japanese anime influence , I proudly blame Hayao Miyazaki and his AMAZING movies (my 1st movie was princess mononoke…which later influenced my huge love for wolves , as well as other amazing canine animes like inuyasha and more recently wolfs rain ) they were always such a great influence on me , and I want to experience the same magic he did and share it. I have a channel on youtube (… ) with videos from about 2010 or so … most of them are old , I mainly used ms paint and windows movie maker to make them. Today I am practicing flash (I only have one video up but in the future as you are reading this there may be more). But I wont be making them as quick as I used to , because I have a very irritatingly busy school life… but I try to do SOMETHING so my skills don’t shrivel up. Most of the time today though I am just drawing on Photoshop and SAI , and I traditionally draw on paper …. Usually in class when the teacher gets too boring…hehe. Enjoy my progress , and have a great day! I will be looking forward to comments and tips if you have any! And don’t be shy to ask , I don’t bite…much…

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